Monday, March 21, 2011

Travelogue-AngMoKio #2


This is the Ang Mo Kio Hub, AMK Hub, in short. It is a suburban shopping mall in Ang Mo Kio. It has a air-conditioned Bus Interchange, which is conveniently linked to Ang Mo Kio MRT(MassRapidTransit) Station via an underpass. 
AMK Hub is part of the redevelopment plan to rejuvenate the town centre of Ang Mo Kio, basically, to make it more hip and vibrant. The shopping mall has 48,250 square metres of gross floor area and 350,000 square feet (33,000 m2) of retail space, making it spacious. Its hearty atmosphere adds to its charm, all in all it is a nice place to shop/walk.

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